Monday, March 26, 2012


We both hate the sun in our eyes. Only one of us is fully convinced that 
sunglasses are the answer.

Up on all fours!
Granted, she needs help getting there. 
But girlie has some staying power!
Sitting on a park bench is a favorite occupation right now.
Though standing on a park bench is even better!

Hi, I'm Calliope.
Meet  my new $11 teething toy.
You know, that thing masquerading as a thing someone
might drink out of?
Don't be silly.
It's not for drinking.
That's what breasts and mommy's glass is for.
This cool thing is for chewing
I'm so glad that she bought me two of them! 


  1. OMG Love the glasses, hilarious!

  2. Those are some stylin' shades! Elena used/uses her sippy cups for teething too...

  3. Dalton, also, uses a sippy cup for chewing, although I think sometimes he also sucks on it pacifier-like. Trying to teach him to drink out of a real cup, though (boy is that messy!), so maybe the sippy is more useful later when they can understand what to do with it!