Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daddy Crush

Calliope has a big crush on Eleanor's Daddy.

She's not really one to cuddle with folks other than Mommy, though she occasionally shares a hug with Amy's Mommy or cuddles in our nanny's lap.

But Eleanor's Daddy came to watch Eleanor have dinner with Calliope tonight and Calliope was enthralled.

Of course she's too young to have an idea about what a Daddy is -- she just thinks this guy named Seth who comes with Eleanor is so funny and silly.

But I'm a little wistful. Watching her climb into the chair with Seth tonight made me a little sad on her behalf. I have no regrets about our little family. But I wish I could provide her with another person that loved her as much as I do, one that makes silly faces and plays chasing/tickling/turning upside down games.

She will be fine without this. And I will do my best to be both parents. I won't be perfect, and she will be fine. Maybe with Daddy issues, more likely not. And still, what good parent wouldn't want even more than what she can provide?



  1. You might not be single forever!

  2. Rowan seems particularly interested in one daycare dad and it makes me a little sad too that she doesn't have a 2nd person who loves her as much as I do. But if I had a partner, I wouldn't have Rowan--maybe some other baby--but not my sweet girl so I decided not to let it worry me. Hope you can tuck your wistfulness away.