Friday, June 21, 2013

My Own Parenting Fail

Prompted by Obernon's post...

A few weeks ago, I was in the hall with Calliope, waiting for the elevator, when I realized I had forgotten my water bottle. I dashed back into the apartment, grabbed the water bottle, and dashed back out, hurriedly locking the door behind me.

I rounded the corner to the elevator... and Calliope was gone. It was eerily quiet.

I started laughing hysterically. I didn't know what else to do. Then I pushed the elevator button maniacally a few times. And waited, because what other option did I have?

Moments later, the door opened. There was on older Russian woman standing there with her laundry cart. And there was Calliope, looking up at me uncertainly. Not crying, though.

I swooped her into my arms, giggling and nudging my face into her neck, kissing her repeatedly and saying, "I didn't know where you were. You have to wait for Mommy."

But this was partly as defense against the Older Russian Woman, who immediately began scolding me. Until she heard me faux scolding Calliope, and joined me in chiding my toddler.

The truth was that I never imagined she would think to get into an elevator without me. So I never even paused to warn her to wait.

My parenting fail.


  1. Ok, so you know i love your blog and you and calliope are wonderful together. If i had to rank parenting fails this is on my list of terror-fails. When she falls in your arms , at least ou know where she is. When she's out of your sight its just much worse in terms of being able, as a mum, to gauge how much.She needs help.

    I know i have this in my future as mum to an active, curious two year old boy. Incidentally, my mum forgot me several times, at the grocery store . She had three of us all under five so, now i can forgive. When she found me, looking very much relieved, i used to throw my sweets ( given to me by the

  2. Scary, Scary!! I freaked out when I misplaced Rowan at the grocery store for less than 5 seconds. So glad everything turned out ok.