Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Mommy: Day Two

Even though I was totally exhausted last night, and didn't even have the energy to finish cleaning up the kitchen, I forced myself to get the guitar down from the wall before I went to bed.

I was not looking forward to it... and was pleasantly surprised to see how much fun it was to play and sing.

Guess what I was practicing?

The Alphabet Song.

But you know, it's perfect for practicing. Nice, simple chord changes. I'm terrible at remembering what chord goes when, so only having three chords to choose from was perfect. The version I found was also in a nice easy key.

I ended up playing for nearly a half an hour, trying to memorize the chord changes without looking at the music.

Then this morning, the sun woke me before the alarm clock. I got up, planning to work out, but as soon as I started warming up, my legs felt really sore.

So I played guitar again instead. And successfully memorized the chord progression, I think.

And then cleaned out my tub and my shower because the pipes backed up over the weekend, and got snaked yesterday. They were grimy and horrible when I got home from work yesterday but I didn't have it in me to deal with it last night.

I'm planning to show off my progress for the Calliope and Eleanor and Eleanor's mommy, Amy, tonight!

My strumming pattern is none too impressive -- I have no sense of rhythm, really, so it's just one down strum after another, but the chords and singing sound nice, I think.

I haven't subscribed to NY Magazine yet but I was looking for restaurant recommendations for my big night out on Saturday and ended up reading a great article about female sexual desire. Check it out!

When Women Want Sex, Even Men Don't Get It

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  1. Fascinating article.. as we're some of the linked articles by the same author!