Friday, September 12, 2014

Besties Reunited

Of course, the best part of being away, especially after a long summer at Grammy's house, is coming home.

And for Calliope, coming home means Eleanor (and Mommy). I thought she might want to see her room first, after being away for six weeks, but all she wanted was to go straight to Eleanor's house.

These two girls have been together eight hours a day (mostly without other children) since they were three and four months old. And they couldn't have been more thrilled to be back together again.
Their favorite -- butter scones at Qathra on Sunday mornings
It's more fun, albeit a little crowded, to slide together?
First gymnastics class -- Eleanor at far left, Calliope in the middle, next to their former classmate, Claire 
At the playground with good buddy Iris
On the subway with Iris of the amazing sunglasses.
Not needing the stroller anymore allows for so many new adventures!
Our nanny and Iris's are good friends so luckily the girls see a lot of each
other. They get along beautifully. Whenever Iris' nanny is sick, Susie
watches all three. They have a blast and both Iris and Eleanor cry when it's
time to go home.

They insisted on holding hands to walk to the playground for some sprinkler fun
First play date at Eleanor's house after a summer apart


  1. Adorable! They certainly look like they love being together. Lucky to have a best friend like that! Looks like they're doing some fun activities, too.

    On a side note - are you still communicating with the guy or has that dissipated?

  2. It must be pretty cool to have her best friend so near by. They are adorable! :-)

  3. Wonderful pics! Hang onto that last one - they will treasure it as adults!

  4. Very lucky girls to have each other. Love the photos