Monday, September 8, 2014

Calliope's Third Birthday

Quick photo on her birthday morning before heading to our camping trip

We had a birthday party with her cousins in MA the week before her birthday.

As usual, it was the perfect party for both of us. Extremely low stress (and low cost) for me, and for Calliope, she adores her cousins and revels in being the center of attention. I wish that a few of her same age buddies could have been there, especially her beloved Eleanor, but the nice thing about being ][by far] the youngest child at her own birthday party is that there is zero competition with the birthday girl. The older kids smile indulgently and celebrate her "wins" at the group games that my sister organized, complete with Elmo "medals." They showered her with attention and Calliope just glowed. It was beautiful to see.

I ordered flatbread pizza for dinner -- which was a hit even with the grown ups -- and my sister in law ordered her the most beautiful birthday cake I've ever seen. She even topped it with a ballet dancer cake topper from her own third birthday!

It was another perfect birthday party for Calliope!


  1. It does look like a wonderful family party! That cake is amazing.

  2. That picture of Callipe with her cousins is fantastic!! And love the birthday cake! Glad C had a great birthday!

  3. I love that 1st photo of Calliope, show so much personality! & that cake!! WOW!