Friday, September 5, 2014

More Pregnancy Freak Outs: Welcome to Week Eleven

I weighed myself at work yesterday, after eating, expecting to have gained another pound.

Instead, I was down to a half a pound below my pre-IVF weight. And that's right after eating, so I'm probably at least a half pound lighter than that.

I checked again today, after breakfast, and I was still down.

Ordinarily, I would be happy... but instead I'm concerned. I don't feel especially smaller. My thighs might be slightly less "fluffy" than right after my week of camping/no exercise, but not significantly. I'm not sick. I'm not having food aversions. I guess my portions are slightly smaller than pre-pregnancy but I've added in a mid-morning snack.

So naturally, my response is to freak out and assume that "something bad" has happened.

It's especially weird because my stomach looked much bigger, suddenly, two days ago. And now it's a bit smaller again.

I finally called my anxious and nearly cried when explaining my fears. She was very reassuring, said this is common, and offered to send me for an extra ultrasound. I gratefully accepted. My nuchal scan is only eight days away.... but eight whole days is a very long time to wait when you're an anxious gal like me.

So I have an appointment tomorrow.

I had some issues with weight gain in my first pregnancy. I think I gained only about three pounds in the first 20 weeks, and then didn't gain again until almost 30 weeks? The baby was growing fine but I got sent for an extra ultrasound just in case. At that point I could feel her kick and my belly was growing steadily so I wasn't particularly worried. But early pregnancy is harder, when you don't have many clues as to what is going on inside. I can't complain about not having nausea but there is some reassurance to having it.

My sister pointed out that even medical scales (which I used both at work and at the RE's office) can vary. I'm not sure that's true -- I calibrated the one at my office and I hope the one at the RE's office was calibrated -- but it's certainly possible, and that's reassuring.

10.5 weeks, belly suddenly bigger (messy room)

I think I do look smaller here. This is early in the day, versus at night for the others.


  1. I have no sage advice or experience. I am sending lots of positive thoughts that tomorrow's ultrasound offers only reassurance. :-)

  2. I am really glad you were able to get an appointment for an u/s. Peace of mind is gold while pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy. I wish I could tell you not to worry...but that's like telling you not to breath! Hang in there. Sending positive thoughts.

  3. Is it possible that you gained weight during the TTC process due to hormones, but that weight has dropped off? My last day of pregnancy I weighed the exact same amount that I did the week I got pregnant, didn't gain a single pound (though I was over weight from the beginning) even though I never threw up and he was over 8lbs. Two weeks after giving birth, I weighed 33 pounds less than I did before getting pregnant, so it does happen. The human body is crazy and amazing. Good luck tomorrow, keep us updated.

  4. You look beautiful and pregnant in both photos! Wow! Can't believe you're already 11 weeks. Hope the ultrasound allays your fears, Abby.

  5. How would you feel about a home Doppler? In this last pregnancy I picked up T's heartbeat at nine weeks and used it every single day until I felt him move consistently. It was the only thing that kept me sane. The sonoline B. awesome invention!

  6. Early pregnancy is so hard! Hope the ultrasound went well today.

  7. Pretty sure I have the same doppler as wottadoll. It was great, and absolutely helped with my anxiety in early pregnancy! I hope the u/s went well and you're feeling better about things.