Monday, November 24, 2014

More Photos

Holiday card contender number one. 0396
Holiday card contender number two -- 0407. I like that it's more direct of her face, though I love the light on her hair in the first one.
(What would it look like with less tree showing?)

Love the composition. 0275
0348 Another option for the FB reveal. (See below for the alternative -- PLEASE someone tell me how I can freely move photos around on Blogger!)

Love: how secure she is being loved.
Don't love: my back fat. Could we crop this? This would be a private photo, not for a card.
LOVE how joyous and free she looks.
Don't like how I like like I'm straining to hold onto her.

Versus the original favorite for FB reveal, 0496.


  1. The last photo is my favorite! Just found out that I'm having a granddaughter in May! Her name will be Cosette. My other son and his wife are trying and if they have a girl they want to name her Penelope but I'm pushing for Calliope. LOVE that name!

  2. 0076 is my favorite of 'em all! You both looks so sweet and joyful. But they are all great, really! I can see how it's hard to choose. Calliope looks so agreeable! A friend just took some pro photos of the girls and me yesterday and you would think we were forcing them to eat liver or something. They gave us such a hard time!

  3. I like the last one because the background is nice and even, not bright white like the other FB contender. Both super cute, though!

    I can photoshop your back fat if you want. :) It would be very subtle but effective.

  4. I LOVE the last photo!!! They all are really great though :)

  5. 0348 is my favorite, but I like the last one too.

  6. Tough choices! They are all great. but I like option 2 best for the holiday cards. And I like 38 for FB.

  7. I like 496 for the FB reveal & 396 for the card. It's so hard to choose they are all so good!