Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Twenty Two Plus Weeks

At my midwife appointment yesterday, I was twenty two weeks (plus four days) but my uterus was measuring [at least] twenty-four weeks!

According to Chris, this doesn't mean my baby is unduly large or anything like that. I think things just stretch out a lot faster the second time around. I hope so. I'm scared of delivering a giant baby.

Last I checked, I was up nine pounds. I think this photo makes me look a little smaller than I feel (angling the camera down away from the overhead light will do that).

I mostly feel pretty good, but I've slowed down climbing stairs. And I am getting stomach aches pretty frequently, especially after dinner. Nothing to do but climb into bed... sometimes by 8 pm.

I'm excited that in just over a week, the baby will be officially (if minimally) viable. Of course I don't want her born any time soon but it's crazy to think that it's even possible. That a bunch of cells thrown into my body could turn out a real living person. Wild.


  1. It seems to be going by so fast! Cute little beach ball there. :)

  2. You look fabulous! Even crazier to think that little ball of cells will equal Calliope in personality, heart, and your love for her! It's going to be fun to watch C grow into the big sis role!

  3. You are such a cute pregnant woman!!!

    As for measuring big...I had a friend that was pregnant at the same time as me, she was two months behind me. when I was 9 months, we would go places and everyone thought she was three months ahead of me because her belly was so large and mine was a little smaller than expected. When our boys were both born mine was a week early and just over 8 pounds, (and two months later) her's a week late and just over 6 pounds. It turned out she just had a lot more amniotic fluid. Since then, I never make an assumption about baby's size by looking at a mom's belly!

  4. I marvel about that, too, how a little ball of cells can grow into a living, breathing, wonderful little child. Crazy.

    You look fantastic.