Friday, November 14, 2014

Twenty One Week Ultrasound

Blueberry is looking good and healthy at twenty one weeks. Look at her arm behind her head in repose! I guess it's pretty relaxing in there.

Unfortunately, I've had a little tummy bug the last couple of days and all that pressing on my stomach made me get very dizzy.

Once I said I wasn't feeling well and rushed off to the bathroom, the ?student sonographer was banished and the doctor himself came in to finish. He had a much gentler touch and finished quickly, thank goodness. He said he got all the necessary views of the heart and everything looks good.

He said he wasn't concerned about the fact that my previous results showed a slightly elevated risk of Down Syndrome (based on lab results only, not the ultrasound), given that the ultrasound looked so normal. I shouldn't really need to worry, since I had PGD testing on my embryo before it was transferred, but I guess there's a risk of a mosaic (spontaneous mutation) Down Syndrome. Just in case, I got blood work done last week for Materniti.21, but I'm not losing sleep as I wait for the results.

Hard to believe I'm more than halfway done. I visited the midwife yesterday, due to not feeling well, and the the tummy bug was making my belly measure 25 weeks instead of 21! I assume it will go back to normal any time now.

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