Monday, February 23, 2015

Thirty-Five Week Photos

Rockin' the "stripes plus different stripes plus flowered tutu plus crown" look and thus,
ready for dance class. 

Weighed myself today and I'm down four pounds! I don't get it. I sure don't feel smaller.
I didn't feel bigger a week and a half ago when I gained five pounds in a week, either.
Up a total of 11 pounds. Despite eating a lot more since the reflux finally got under control.
If only the weight would stay off once the baby comes. If last time is any indication, it will
come piling back on. Sigh.  

The ridiculous cuteness that is dance class. That's Eleanor, Calliope's best buddy, aka Buzz Light.year, to the left of Calliope.
I love that three year olds know intuitively that it's never wrong to wear a costume to any event.
Doesn't my girl -- three and a half as of a few days ago, and now entirely in 4T clothing!, look tall?


  1. I think all of you look great! Happy times!

  2. C is becoming quite the little lady :) Glad things are going well & you're feeling well

  3. Is there a way I can contact the author of this blog?

  4. You're looking really great!! I love Calliope's costume too. I love that age, Elena comes up with some wacky outfits herself.