Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Update on Boundaries

Thank you for all your wonderful support.

Ultimately, after multiple go-rounds -- my first two sets of responses were deemed inadequate -- my brother said that he felt his issues were resolved.

We spoke on the phone on Sunday -- starting out with his six year old son getting on to thank me for the belated birthday gifts -- and then having a nice but not too deep conversation on the latest in each of our lives. At the end we both agreed that we were glad to have the issues behind us.

I've committed to trying harder to meet his needs -- taking the initiative to call or text, and will offer to throw his wife a baby shower when the time comes. But if he ever presents me with such a list again... I will sympathetically (hopefully) suggest he present said list to his therapist, because I certainly won't be doing all that work again. No way.

I'm very glad to have all that unpleasantness behind me. Now to focus on my final four and a half weeks (or less!) at work -- I think I've decided to stop on my due date, a Friday, whether I've had the baby or not. I deserve a little down time. Climbing the stairs in the subway is exhausting!


  1. Glad you have found some resolution inside and are moving forward. And good plan for the future!

  2. Glad that you were able to find a way to smooth things out with your brother. It will be great to have a clear head for the last weeks of your pregnancy.

  3. Glad it's resolved for you and that you have a "boundary" plan for the future. I think it's loving that you made the choice to try and meet some of the needs he requested, even though it took/takes effort. But I'm in a place right now where I'm recognizing the value of family for myself (there have been times I needed to set boundaries too).

  4. Glad for an acceptable resolution with your brother. Now make your sole purpose to look after yourself & your own family needs as Tree Leaf gets ready to make her debut

  5. So happy you were able to figure things out (more or less, at least) with your brother. And now on to bigger (well, not really!) and better things!