Thursday, April 30, 2015

Microblog (But Not On Monday... What Day Is It, Anyway?): Mommy Brag

I admit that I much prefer to read self deprecating humor towards oneself and one's offspring over mommy brags. We all think our kids are fabulous, but it doesn't make for interesting reading.

That said, there's definitely a time and place for a Mommy Brag. My feeling is that one just has to own it.

So here's my Mommy Brag: Last week, Calliope and I had our first Mommy And Calliope Date. It was lovely. A "very yummy date," Calliope called it. This week, I asked what Calliope what she wanted to do.

And she replied, "I want to go to Qathra (our favorite coffee shop) again. But I want to bring Susie and Amelie." (Susie is our nanny, and Calliope said this where Susie could hear her.) Blush with pride.)

And later, when I told her that Susie might not be able to come because she would need to stay with Eleanor, Calliope added, "I want Eleanor to come, too. And I want Eleanor to have her own chocolate chip muffin. But I will share my chocolate chip muffin with you and Susie, Mommy."

That she wanted to share her Special Mommy Date time... dayeinu! ("It would have been enough"). Already so generous. But to offer to share her weekly chocolate chip muffin, her most favorite treat after her weekly ice cream... wow.

She puts me to shame. I wouldn't offer to share my favorite treat. At forty. Never mind at three. I couldn't be prouder of my girl.


  1. I think an occasional "mommy brag" is absolutely ok! And this is a great one! Go Calliope! And go YOU for raising such a sweet girl!

  2. Brag away! What a precious girl!

  3. Yay! Little children really do make some of the nicest people!