Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two and a Half Weeks

The last couple days have been easier, thank goodness. I feel like -- is it possible -- we (I) might be finding my stride?

With hindsight, I can see that Amelie had a growth spurt over this past weekend. But at the time, it was inexplicable misery. She was eating every one and a half to two hours, but each feeding lasted an hour, all night.

The previous night was nearly as bad.

I was already miserable and barely holding it together... and then we had our newborn photo shoot. When one or the other girl refused to cooperate all morning. I would rock and nurse Amelie to sleep, wait fifteen minutes, scarcely breathing, trying to get her soundly asleep, then lay her down... and in seconds, she would be awake and fussing again. No doubt overtired from our long night... that made two of us. I was not terribly sympathetic but the photographer was very kind, especially when I was near tears.

I'm very grateful we got at least one shot that I love.

The princess dress was a touch added by Calliope that I was too tired to object to,

And the next night, my camp friend/fellow SMC/downstairs neighbor agreed to take Amelie for a few hours at night so I could get some uninterrupted sleep. She brought Amelie back at 2 am but Amelie stayed asleep for an additional hour after that, so I slept 9 pm -- 3 am. What a difference it made! I could have wept with gratitude the next day.

The next day, I weighed Amelie on the postpartum doula's scale -- is it possible she gained eight ounces in four days??? (Up to seven pounds, half an ounce.) That would explain the all night feeding frenzy, I suppose.

Today, four days later, post-feeding, she was seven pounds six ounces, so an additional six ounces, though I would guess her full belly accounted for at least a couple ounces of that. Her face is definitely filling out, as is her little round belly, so I don't think I have to worry any more about her being too sleepy to eat anymore.

This week has been spring break for the public schools, which meant it was our nanny's spring break week as well. I think that was the hardest thing, having both kids. Especially at dinner time. Some nights were fine, some nights, especially when it came time to get Calliope ready for bed, were hellacious. Calliope has some charming new habits that include total deafness alternating with hyper silliness and a tendency to dive behind the couch cushions, endangering my mom's Tiffany lamps in the process.

Luckily I had hired a postpartum doula ahead of time and she came every other day at dinner time. That was super helpful but I guess I'm getting stronger because I think I may not need her any more. I don't have a lot for her to do... but I'm scared to let her go, too. Tonight I had her stay with the girls while I took myself out for a delicious grass fed burger. I had gotten too hungry and it was the best thing ever.

Speaking of hunger -- I'm ravenous these days! But my digestion is still a little shaky. I don't remember this from last time.

In news about Amelie, she is batting at toys on the play mat already! I don't remember Calliope doing it so young. Often she hits them accidentally but occasionally it's intentional.

She's also flashed a couple of grins at me but I haven't been able to replicate them so I'm not sure if they are intentional or just lucky timing.

She's wailing in the kitchen right now. She gets tired and wants to nurse but then gets mad that milk is flowing into her mouth, but mostly refuses the pacifier... So she gets parked in front of the exhaust fan in her bouncy seat. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Evenings seem to be a little rough for her but, knock wood, it seems like she settles down by about 11 pm. So far the last three hours, she's nursed three times. Otherwise, she mostly nurses every three hours or so. I wake her during the day but not at night -- usually I'm lucky to get one 3.5 hour stretch (knock wood!).

I'm trying to stick to a rough sort of schedule since it seemed like Calliope slept much better once she was on a schedule. Though I don't think I had started this young with her. But I do work hard at not letting Amelie stay awake too long, based on my findings with Calliope that this caused evening fussiness. It seems to mostly be working.

Oh man, she's up again. This blog post has been written in at least four different installments over as many evenings. This is round two for tonight. So I'm hitting publish while I can.

Two and a half weeks, feeling pensive

Baby's first [chiropractic] adjustment!
(It consisted of a very brief back massage which she appeared to relish.)

"Eh? What's this I hear? We will be spending every day together for the next three years?"
Meeting Baby Leo, future nanny share partner, for the first time today.

Enjoying Leo's playmat

Batting at toys -- the action is about 32 seconds in

Impossibly cute sneeze


  1. Hope you are sleeping right now!

    a. Amelie is beautiful!
    b. Hooray for your SMC neighbor!
    c. Calliope looks lovely in her princess dress!

  2. I just love the pictures! The princess dress is just perfect for the two sisters picture. Beautiful girls.

    Hope you continue to get at least a little sleep!

  3. It's good to get an update. Amelie is sooo stinkin' cute! Good for you for taking yourself out without the girls. Do that regularly! And of course you are ravenous... silly you, you didn't store any extra fat on your body during pregnancy, so you're going to need to fuel all that breastfeeding with lots of good food. Eat up and enjoy!

  4. Love the photos!! I am glad you are able to get help when you need it!

  5. Sounds like you're all doing well. I just love the photo of your girls! The princess dress was a good call by Calliope!