Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three Weeks

My friend Liz and her four year old daughter Sophie came to visit from Washington, DC. Liz is one of my favorite people and I rarely get to see her, and it's rarer still, like never, that she's able to come visit and actually stay with us. So I didn't want to take her up on her offer to take the girls out without me.

And I was feeling pretty well yesterday. So we packed up our girls and hopped on the subway for an easy ride to Coney Island.

The girls were thrilled with the experience, which made it all worthwhile. Sophie even said, "This is the best day of my life!" Of course there were the inevitable meltdowns (Sophie's) and delays but it just so sweet to see their joyous faces. Except that I was so damn tired by the end. Apparently there's a reason you don't see a lot of three week olds on the boardwalk or at the Acquarium (we ended there, just so I could nurse the baby before heading back).

So last night I did something crazy and hired a night nurse who was recommended by my postpartum doula. Yes, all members of my hired staff. She seemed great, although I did just wake up from a scary nap nightmare where she attacked me. It was wonderful to hand over the baby and go into my room and close the door. I woke up once to pump but was otherwise alone. I just wish I knew why I still felt totally exhausted.

So she's coming back tonight. She's going out of town for a few days and then I will have family here for a couple more days (so no place for the night nurse to spend the night) and I just can't bear to go that long when I barely feel any better. So she's coming. Even though it feels recklessly extravagent.

In other news, after investing in five different kinds of pacifiers -- all sent to me by that wonderful online company -- Amelie has finally agreed to accept one. Naturally, the last one we tried. Never mind. I couldn't be more proud than if she had just graduated from college. My life has already gotten better.

Meeting Amy

And meeting Sophie

Another sister shot from the wreckage
Getting some serious cheeks!
Three weeks old (and two days)

First, and only, tummy time. Only because Leo was doing it. Are we really supposed to be doing that already>
My how the second child suffers. I can't remember any of this stuff and who has time (or inclination, really) to look it up?


  1. Oh my gosh! So frigging cute, both of them!

  2. Adorable, both of them. Love the pic of the 2 sisters.

  3. I'm not sure why you are surprised at being exhausted, 3 weeks after having a baby, without live-in help, and with a high energy pre-schooler? I say, be as extravagant as you can with that night nurse. The more sleep you get, the better it will be for the three of you...the girls are beautiful! You are doing a GREAT job, mama!


  4. Wow! She is getting so big already!

    And good for you for hiring the night nurse!! First step in taking care of your kids is to take care of yourself!

  5. I wouldn't have survived without friends who came and acted as night nurses at least part of the night. Do what you have to do to make it through and still be able to enjoy the sweet parts of having a snuggly little newborn.

    They are both so cute!

  6. In the sister shot, is Amelie giving us the finger, lol cheeky girl ;)

    You are so smart to get all the help you need! Good for you!

  7. Love that Amelie is giving either the viewer or Calliope the finger in the shot of the two of them. Hilarious! Glad you hired help - you should be extravagant for something like that right now!!