Friday, June 3, 2016

Fourteen Months

Fourteen months is flying by.

Today, at fourteen and a half months, almost, she stood up without holding onto anything. Just pushed up off the floor.

She's flying around the apartment behind her walking push toy, and even goes on thrilling expeditions to the trash and recycling area downstairs with that toy. But won't let go and walk.

Well, the nanny and I successfully tortured her into letting go and taking a few steps, once, by holding out a toy that she wanted. But otherwise, no.

She will let go for long periods of time and just stand, unassisted. Today she tried to tip back a not-very-full bottle of milk and drink standing up without holding on. She can let go of one thing and lunge for another. But she won't walk.

Luckily she's a second child so I'm not too worried about it. Plus I was a very late walker -- 19 months. But mostly I think this is an emotional issue -- she's just not ready to let go -- and not a physical one. She is clearly progressing. She'll probably be running soon after walking.

She's "talking" up a storm -- but unfortunately I can't understand most of her chatter. She says "si" and "ojos" in Spanish (Susie, our nanny, speaks to her in Spanish) and sort of says "Susie." She says "Mama" in the sweetest and most plaintive, heart melting of voices whenever she wants me or something from me. She says "hi" and "bye bye" with great pleasure as she strolls to and from the room with that damn push toy.

When I ask for a kiss she presents her face, mouth open and tongue sticking out slightly. What could be more delicious?

I've started sitting her on the baby potty with variable success but she loves to check and see if she's produced anything.

She eats everything in sight, especially meat and chicken and eggs. This girl was made for the Paleo diet.

Calliope and I went away for a long weekend this past weekend and she vacationed in the Poconos -- ooh la la -- with our nanny and her family and clearly had a fabulous time getting spoiled rotten. We FaceTimed every morning and she got very excited to see us -- waving and grinning and clapping -- but never got upset, phew. I was very nervous about her reaction when we came home yesterday but there was no pushback from my cheerful little girl -- just delight to see us again. She was definitely unhappy this morning when we left for school, presumably worried about when or if we would returned, but recovered in seconds. Until I came back because I had forgotten something. Then she cried all over again. Sorry, baby!

Post script: she's started hitting. Yesterday when I came home from work she kept swatting at my face. I'd put her down, say "no hitting!", she'd cry, pull herself back into my lap, hit me again. Rinse and repeat. I guess she didn't appreciate me leaving for four days after all.

"Hey good lookin'! Come over here for some love!"

Swinging with Susie.

Cashier Calliope at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

"What do we have to do to get some service around here? Maybe if we thump on the table really loudly it will help?"

Cuddling up for a story with Talia and Rian, fellow SMC family.
Rian was very patient with Amelie constantly flipping the pages despite Talia not being done with reading them.


  1. Cutie pie! It's so funny how kids this age think kissing involves an open mouth and protruding tongue! What's up with that?

  2. So cute! I've been loving your updates because I am adopting a baby girl born just a few days before Amelie - it's nice to know what she might be up to, developmentally :)

    Can I ask how big Amelie is now and what size of clothes she wears? My little one is also tiny (between 16 and 17lbs now) and I have no idea what size of clothes to prepare for!

  3. Amazing developments! That pic of the two of them on the couch is adorable. Amelie looks so comfortable. :)