Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Spy With My Little Eye

Calliope: "I spy with my little eye a man in a flame colored shirt riding a bicycle."

Me: Is it that man in the flame colored shirt riding a bicycle?

C: Yes! You're right!
Me: Ok, try another one but try not to give quite so many clues -- we have to guess what you are thinking.
C: Ok. I spy something pink. (many unsuccessful guesses ensue.)
Me: Can you give us a LITTLE clue?
C: Okay, I'll whisper a clue, but only to Mommy (we were playing with another child and mother).
Me: No, you have to tell all of us.
C, whispering: Ok, it's that pink building.
Me, normal voice: Is it that pink building?
C: Yes! You're right!

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