Monday, June 27, 2016

She's Officially A Kindergartner

Lately she's taken to changing into her bathrobe and (plastic) heels when she gets home from
school. She looks like a miniature sex worker. It's probably wrong that this cracks me up.

My big girl is officially a kindergartner! So proud of her. What a transformation she has undergone, from a quiet thumb sucking ear twiddler to a boisterous girl with lots of friends and interests who has even become, according to her teacher, a class leader! I'll take that one with a grain of salt but I'm still exceedingly proud.

Big kindergarten girls are old enough to go the movies. Obviously.
And even keep their 3D glasses on. Not like babies. They have to stay home.

She's becoming interested in sounding out words and is still drawing a ton. I can't believe how far her drawing has come! As soon as we gets home she disappears to either play with her dollhouse (which features a large assortment of stuffed and fisher price animals as well as dolls) or to work on her art, which often involves a surprising amount of masking tape.

Drawing by Calliope in late September (called "A Pagish"). She couldn't even do this in early September.

Today there is no school and tomorrow is the last day, a half day, so she is skipping that and doing a week of local day camp with her best friend Eleanor instead. Despite loving her school friends Maya and Peyton, she's beyond thrilled to be with Eleanor -- her nanny-sharing friend for the first four years of her life -- again. Despite the fact that they fight and make up constantly.

Same artist, exactly nine months later. Working carefully with ink and napkin.
There's eyelashes! And pupils, hair ribbons, inner ears, paws with individual toes, whiskers...
I'm so proud and impressed by her.


  1. Love her drawings! With the art and solo imaginary play right after school, she sounds like an Introvert - on the MBTI - just meaning enjoying time alone or going within to recharge her energy. That's awesome she's making good friends, and keeping the old ones!

  2. Love her art - so detailed! It's so fun watching our babies grow.