Monday, March 7, 2011

Many Thoughts, All Unrelated

  1. Babyticker has changed the position of the Lentil, such that s/he no longer has cute legs folded "Indian style" (does anyone still call cross legged "Indian style"? I remember this from my nursery school days... back before it was called preschool), but now as alarmingly thin, partially unfolded legs. Again. I had to pop over to Shannon's blog to look at her fetus' appropriately portioned legs to unfreak my head. (Oh, and I'm down to 152 days... another "decade" almost done... and only seven more days until the Level 2 ultrasound! When I will probably see more of the Lentil's body parts than I will ever see again, in his/her (or my) entire life... not to mention hopefully finding out the sex!!! I'm so eager to find out... but I will also be strangely tickled if the Lentil doesn't cooperate. I like a good contrarian, being one myself... I think it will make me feel like we are a good fit already. Of course, I'm also worrying that the Lentil is lazy, just like his/her mother, because s/he just lay there cooperatively during the first ultrasound. Does anyone else worry about stupid things like this?)

  2. Las week, I was thinking maybe I should find someone to marry, or at least to date, just to have someone around the house who would put lotion on my back. Apparently pregnancy makes your skin really itchy, typically your belly. For me, it's my back. As soon as I lean back against a car seat or a couch back, I start to twitch. But then, my cousin's four year old son wanted to play "spa" like his sisters had done at Thanksgiving (only with his own manly touch of using Batman washcloths), and "spa" mainly consisted of him, and then his sister also, rubbing lotion all over me. At this point, I hadn't confessed the big news, and was a bit worried they would notice that things with me looked, well, a bit different... but nope, they remained oblivious. Even when the four year old hitched up my shirt a bit to lotion my belly. And now I am beautifully moisturized and no longer require house staff. Fabulous all around.
  3. In all seriousness, I was thinking about the Tom being back in touch during my (back achingly, nausea inducing, kleenex using) ride up to Boston, and it made me realize how incredibly cool  it is that the next time I want to date (whenever that is), I won't have an agenda. I won't be looking for a lifelong partner, a husband, a co-parent, etc. I'll just be looking for someone to hang out with. (Sorry for the dangling participle.) I think I thought I felt this way before, but how can any girl (or person) not have an agenda when they think they may want kids, and have a clock that out of biological necessity absolutely must be ticking? Given the realities of the female body, how can men expect us not to have this? So anway, I think dating, if I ever decide to do it again, might be a lot more fun and light hearted than I ever thought possible. 


  1. Hi! Clicked over here from your comment on Shannon's blog. Re #3, AMEN! Re #2, I felt that way occasionally when pg. I had terrible heartburn, and sometimes chugging club soda would help. I would wish I had someone to run to the store to get it for me. Then I thought about how I'd feel if he wouldn't do it, or did it, but bitched about doing it. Blech! I know too many couples where the husband is less than helpful. Our children will never have to deal with a nasty custody battle. We never have to argue with anyone about our decisions regarding our children. There are lots of upsides. :-)

    BTW, have we met at an SMC meeting or at the Choice Moms' event last Summer? You look familiar.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dora!

    I'm not sure if we've met... I can't really see your face in your profile photo... I don't think so, but apparently I've got pregnancy brain... So who knows??? (I can barely remember what I had for lunch.)

  3. Click on over to my blog. Not too many pics of me, but lots of my girl. If you've met her, you'll remember her! :-)

    Oh, yeah, pregnancy brain. Mommy brain is even worse!

  4. Dora, I did check your blog, but I just didn't go back far enough... yup, I see her beautiful smiling face!

    Hmm, I don't recognize her...