Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Profile Pic

I did it.

I just "outed" myself on Facebook -- I used my Lentil's ultrasound as my new profile pic. And just to make it really obvious, changed my status to "... has a new and very exciting profile pic."

I'm excited and a little apprehensive to see the response. I'm not worried that people will disapprove or anything like that. It's just that "coming out" is an awfully big step.

Also, I'm supposed to go to a "meat party" that started at 1 pm. It's called a Meat Party because the woman throwing it, a new sort-of-friend, just lost her old roommate, who, while having many wonderful qualities. My new "friend" is grieving the loss of her roommate of twelve years... but is celebrating the silver lining by inviting folk to come over and bring meat products.

I bought bacon this morning after my doula interview so that I could make peanut butter bacon cookies. They are pretty quick and easy.

But you know what? This week completely kicked my butt. And I feel that having to make cookies is creating a barrier to me getting to this party -- I would rather skip the party than muster up the energy to make cookies. (And I normally love baking. I'm just so tired.)

The doula interview went great! I totally fell for her. So no more doula interviews. I'm done. We hugged.

And she's part of the NYC doula co-op, which has different pricing levels based on experience... she's only $250 and she lives walking distance from me. Awesome.

After my Meat Party, I'm going glider shopping with a SMC-Would've-Been-Except-She-Fell-For-Her-Donor friend. They just moved in together, and everything seems to be going beautifully. No, she's not pregnant. I think they are working on the relationship for a bit, first. But she offered to help with any baby prep, weeks back, and this is the only thing left on my list, practically. (My mom offered to buy the glider for me as a gift.) So shopping it is. And then maybe dinner with another friend after that, if I can still stand up at that point.

My mom also sent me a gorgeous little pair of white leather booties embroidered with flowers. I got them on Wednesday. My very first present for my little girl!

And last night my pregnant friend C and I went to a pre-sale consignment sale and bought all sorts of baby clothes. I'm inheriting tons of stuff from my sister, but I figured that without a washer/dryer in my apartment, I'm going to be doing laundry a lot less frequently than my sister did. So I stocked up on lots of little onesies. And the most adorable giraffe costume. Because every baby girl needs a giraffe costume, right?

We justified it by the fact that everything was very inexpensive. C and I were terrible enablers for each other, I'm afraid. But we had a blast. I was sitting on my bed last night, surrounded by little piles of pink and yellow onesies and just feeling completely floored that I am the one with stacks of baby chothes in her house. For a little girl, no less.

How did I get so incredibly lucky???


  1. Oooh baby clothes, how fun. Even if you were given everything you'd ever need, you've gotta indulge a bit and buy a few things yourself! And you got so lucky because you went after your dream and made it happen. Yes still some serious luck thrown in there but also a big BRAVO for going for it! This is the sweet stuff of life!

  2. Congrats on going public!

    Love the little girl clothes - aren't consignment sales the best? I went to one yesterday, and for $10 got 5 things I'd registered for but hadn't received yet, and last year I got a Medela breast pump for $10!

    I hope your glider shopping was successful. :)

  3. Congrats on coming out. I have been debating myself!!

    As for the baby clothes... Isn't it AMAZING?? I got back from my sister's with two bags full of clothes and when I opened them the "baby smell" filled my room.

  4. I have been buying at all sorts of consignment shops and found the cutest outfits for my little guy. Bus, monkeys, trucks and all sorts of sea life - and to think I didn't think there was any cute baby boy clothes. I want to find a breast pump for $10 - how did you find it Shannon?