Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Milestones to Look Forward to

Making it to 20 weeks was a big one. Halfway there!

And for some reason, hearing the heartbeat at 21 weeks felt like one too... maybe because this one was observed with my midwife? I don't know, but ever since that appointment, I've been bouncing all the walls. Way more energy, all of the sudden. And getting all sorts of things crossed off my to-do list! Boring, but good.

The next milestone is 24 weeks. Although I know that is far too early for a baby to be born... when I worked in the NICU, we had 24 weekers survive most of the time. I always said that if I went into labor at 24 weeks, I would run for the hills rather than put my tiny baby through that hell... but still. Technically viable.

Now I have a new milestone. Today the Baby Ticker says 129 days. That number will drop to double digits in 30 days. I don't think I ever thought that would happen. So that's a new (and pretty much meaningless) one to look forward to. Hey, whatever passes the time, right?

After that, there's the end of second trimester. I consider the third trimester to start at 26 weeks (calling each trimester 13 weeks... I figure by 39 weeks, I will be so sick of being pregnant that I really won't care what it's called).

After that... we shall see. I can't imagine that far ahead!

(A not so good thing about working in the NICU is that I consider pregnancy after, say, 35 weeks to be more like a bonus than actually necessary. Even though I read the literature that says even late term premature babies don't do as well as full term ones, long term (slight but significant differences, not necessarily noticeable at birth). I have to learn to change the way I see things with that. Not sure quite how... but I'm working on it.)

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  1. After 24 weeks, the milestones seemed to come sooner and sooner! I'm so glad to be at 35 weeks, and now look at each week as a bonus for a healthier baby!

    I'm glad you're feeling better. The more energy phase should last for a while!