Wednesday, April 27, 2011

101 Days

It's nearly impossible to believe that the Baby Ticker will be in the two digits in just two days. Like others warned me, time is speeding up. Especially now that I am firmly in the viability zone... I am starting to realize that wow, barring very unlikely complications, I really will have a new and totally inconsiderate roommate in just three short months. (Calendar months, that is. And when I say "inconsiderate," I don't mean that my kiddo will be horrible to live with (I hope not!), just that she will be how she will be, without regard to my preferences.)

Today is my first day back at work (well, will be), and wow, how I can't motivate. I woke up early because of the daylight (plus the alarm clock, part of my own Happiness Project -- getting up earlier so I don't have to rush), despite my blinds (should I install shades as well, or is a little daylight helpful for cueing babies about day and night?) and jetlag. But the jetlag did oh so helpfully keep me from falling asleep last night for ages.

Despite my overall inertia I did climb on the elliptical for my first post-vacation workout. I know I will be glad I did, as I missed my endorphin boost while on vacation, even with all the walking (except for the day of my solo hike -- that was a long enough walk that I felt great afterwards)... but it wasn't all that much fun, truth be told. Just fifteen minutes, too. I know myself well enough to know that there's no point trying to be perfectionistic with the time, especially when getting back to the habit -- any amount of time jump starts the motivation for the following day.

But even after my workout, I couldn't get moving. I sat at my computer to enter the workout on my calendar... and then just sat and sat, playing on Facebook, checking email, wasting time. Time when I should've been getting in the shower. So then I decided to go to the hospital (my employer) this morning instead of straight to my clinic, to drop off my signed offer letter (we are being merged with another hospital), all so I can avoid clocking in (very very late) at my clinic.

Such a slacker am I.

Luckily I had low expectations... the first day back is always painful. I'm lucky we go back on a Wednesday this year (thanks Passover, for your impact on NYC public school vacations!). And happily, I have my appointment with my midwife today. That will keep me, hopefully, from getting home and taking a nap and screwing up my sleep schedule. I'm praying that tonight's attempt to go to bed early goes more successfully.

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  1. Good job on getting on the ellipical machine!!

    I am due June 15th so should be off on maternity leave until early September. So I think we might have a couple weeks overlap.

    I am not sure if I am up for a "hike" right now but can do a walk... through the woods on a easy path. This weekend is crazy but maybe next weekend?? Email me at obernon@hotmail (dot) com.