Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's Pregnancy Report

Today I am enjoying being pregnant.

My belly feels like a round dome. I wore my black low-band maternity pants (no stretchy panel over the abdomen), and I really do enjoy how they feel. The stretchy band still bugs me a little. And the low cut pants and a new short-sleeve (yay for warm weather, even temporarily) black T-shirt (for some reason, I ended up ordering a lot of black clothes when I thought I ordered a variety of colors) made me looks surprisingly dressed up and even kind of hip, for a pregnant girl. And makes me look not-very-pregnant-at-all for 23+ weeks. Which is sort of nice, considering I feel like I'm pretty prone to weight gain in my not-pregnant state.

Apparently my breasts are quite impressive though! I don't even notice them -- I'm so taken with my growing belly. But I get lots of comments from my closer female friends, along the lines of, "Damn, nice rack!"

My girl is moving lots, and I love it! It doesn't ever wake me, and it never fails to entertain me during quiet moments on the train or at work. I have to focus to not touch my belly when she starts moving and I am supposedly focusing on a patient. (Speaking of which, I was supposed to share funny or touching patient stories on here... shows where my focus is: entirely on me and my pregnancy.)

Last night I didn't wake up to pee until it was nearly time to get out of bed, anyway. And I always fall right back to sleep, so I can't complain about once-nightly trips to the bathroom, anyway. And I'm still sleeping on my stomach, though now I try to aim my stomach to one side or the other a bit. I worry about smushing my girl.

I head to San Francisco and then to Santa Barbara in just two more days. I can't wait! It's been three years, I think, since I was out there. I used to live in San Francisco, and truly, I did leave my heart there. I miss it.


  1. Hi there,
    Wonderful to find your blog - and thanks so much for letting me know I can take a swim tomorrow!
    best wishes from your new friend

  2. I made it to about 34 weeks (or so) before I started having to get up more than once a night to pee. Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

    And have fun in San Francisco!