Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday morning fabulousness, now with photos

Here's a picture of the belly from when I got up this morning. Photographing myself forces me to make my bed, too, another benefit! I always do it on weekdays but am lazy on weekends.

In case you were wondering, the red velvet pillow is on the bed behind me, and is NOT protruding from my stomach itself.

I think the mirror is unfairly slimming, which is a weird thing when you are pregnant and not especially trying to make your stomach look smaller. So I think I'm actually a little bigger than the picture reflects. But anyway, by point of comparison you can see some growth from previous weeks... Trying to take pictures weekly now, for the adorable "Belly Book" that my mom got me. It's a great little scrapbook that I'm writing for Lentil and me. I highly recommend it. It's very low maintenance.

*** not related to photo above ***

...So I think in my efforts (not that impressive, even) to get "back" into shape, I've actually been having some symptoms of "overtraining." This is something I used to experience back in my days of marathon training. The big one is feeling hyper and not being able to sleep, even when the body is tired.

What a relief to feel more like myself today, personality wise. And how lovely to linger over email and a cup of tea and my daily quotient of yogurt and banana (I'm willing to eat other things, it's just that this combo always makes me feel great... and it's easy.)

Yesterday I was so beyond tired, and my quads hurt so much. And I felt cranky and restless. That this could happen from my paltry workouts is shocking. However, a very long night's sleep later... I'm a much better, happier girl.

I'm planning to stay off the elliptical today, even though, for scheduling and "training" purposes, I really want to climb back on. But my quads are still sore. So no dice. Instead, I'm planning to go for a nice walk in Ditmas Park in just a few minutes. Ditmas Park is not actually a park, just the neighborhood adjacent to mine.. and I discovered, walking back through there from Prospect Park (which is an actual park) with a friend a few weeks ago, has the most amazing houses. It doesn't look anything like stereotypical Brooklyn. (I reckon I should post a few photos of that, too, for contrast.... especially for those of you who don't know Brooklyn, stereotypical or otherwise. Trust me, it doesn't look like the photos below.)

I love a house that needs a little TLC. It's more approachable, somehow.

A little too perfect for my tastes. It looks like a museum. In fact, it may well be a museum. Some too-cool-for-school-to-even-be-labeled-as-a-museum kind of museum. 

Beautiful Prospect Park (designed by the same guy that designed my beloved Central Park, Olmstead) on an early spring day. Lots of runners out. Unfortunately, none of them are me. My little Lentila is absolutely worth it. But I look forward to hopefully getting back to it. We shall see how life plays out. Much as I love her, running and I have always had a complex and sometimes conflicted relationship. 

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  1. You look great! Stay fit, but don't overdo it - you're growing a human, you don't need to work out quite so hard! :)