Friday, April 29, 2011

Ninety-Nine... Bottles of Milk on the Wall?

Sorry, lame.

But I am excited because my baby ticker is finally in the TWO DIGITS!!!

As time gets shorter, I am less excited about the baby coming soon -- that seems surreal and also frightening -- and more excited about the idea of pregnancy being over. It's not that it's all that bad right now -- I really can't complain -- it's that I can't fathom that each and every day, I am going to get bigger.

There's no time to get used to my size -- it just keeps changing! It's rounder and harder by the day. And I'm having several Braxton-Hicks contractions each day, especially when I am walking around. They don't hurt, they just feel odd, and are quite distracting.

I'm hoping my friend will follow through on our plans to go to Ikea this weekend... if so, I will get a dresser and finally have a place to stash all the baby stuff that is rolling in. My cousin is bringing a vanload more in two weeks for my baby shower.

I'm so excited for Shannon, who is in the final count-down, and has her last day of work today! Wishing her a speedy and easy delivery! (See the link to her "Chasing Rainbows" blog at left.)


  1. Congrats on reaching this milestone!!

  2. Woohooo! 99 days! The getting bigger thing is weird, but I haven't really been truly uncomfortable until the past few weeks. I hope the same holds true for you (I think staying active helps).

    And thanks! I'm really getting excited and anxious!

  3. I would be excited about my baby ticker in the two digits as well!