Saturday, July 2, 2011


I could have up to SEVEN more weeks of growing larger???

Things suddenly went from fun, cute, round pregnant belly to BIG round pregnant belly.

I do not feel cute any more.

I am sitting at my desk wearing a compression stocking (thanks Bethany for the loaner!) on my left leg, only, because it's the bad leg. The last few days, standing for any amount of time -- Wednesday, it was standing while eating an ice cream cone and just a few minutes afterwards, Thursday it was keeping a friend company at Costco -- leads to serious pain for THE REST OF THE DAY.

The rest of me is naked, because clothes have become annoying.

I'm pretty sure I look TOTALLY AWESOME.

Below: Not cute. But at least I'm not naked (plus one compression sock) anymore, either.


  1. I feel your pain. Well actually, I feel different pain. My feet are fine but my pelvic bones feel like someone's had a jackhammer to them, and the baby alternates between strangling my bladder and bowels depending on her position. At least I am lucky enough to be 2 weeks to due date. But you are lucky to be done working. It's a toss up, but I must say misery does love company. Hang in there!

  2. Oh and btw, you actually do look awesome (with clothes on and minus compression sock). It looks like you've had a very healthy amount of weight gain. I think I'm up around 33 lbs last check. A bit better than my first pregnancy but a bit more than I'd hoped for and a lot to be carrying around...

  3. You look great!! And hopefully the socks and sometime out of the heat will help with your feet.

  4. I know you *feel* huge, but you sure don't *look* huge! You look great.

    Enjoy the time off work before the baby comes!