Tuesday, January 1, 2013

... And Hello 2013!

Laughing together to ring in the Happy New Year!

Polar bear on the playground

Polar bear doing her best to collect as much candy as she can, as
fast as she can. She's never had any of that stuff, so I don't know
how she figured out that it's the stuff to steal! 
Of course, she also tried to grab Tide "Pods," kitty litter,
several flat irons, and some face powder. 
I tell you, CVS is more fun than a museum...
and it's only a block away!
Beautifully neat hall table... now to maintain it!
It is a particular "hot spot" because everything that needs to be
put away, or needs a home, gets dumped there.
And the sight of the messiness makes me crazy.
So this neatness makes me very happy.

Calliope "asked" me to get her special quilt (made by her aunt)
down from where it hangs on the end of her crib so she could 
lounge on it this morning. Diaper free!


  1. Cleaning out clutter is so satisfying!

    Love her quilt, and Calliope is such a cutie pie. :)

    Happy 2013!