Friday, August 29, 2014

My Three Year Old

She also mastered this parallel bar thing at the playground, including a solo dismount, 
to my surprise.
My healthy girl, weighing in at 28 pounds and 37 inches.

She insisted on a side ponytail at bedtime tonight. No idea why. 
She is exceedingly proud of her (slowly) growing hair. She can't wait for it to be long like her cousin's.

I broke the news to Calliope on the morning of her third birthday. Here's a little video interview about the exciting news from Calliope's own belly. 

"I will hold her. So you will not hold her. So I have to hold her and you can hold your baby."

Good to know who's boss! (Got to love the morning bed head! Ahh, vacation.)


  1. Sooo, cute. OMG. I love the imagination and how she is mirroring you being pregnant. I bet she'll have fun being a big sis. :)

  2. I can't get over how much she has grown and changed in the last year!

  3. Conversations with 3 year olds are THE BEST! On my niece's third birthday I had taken her out on the porch to keep her out of the way while the inside of the house was being decorated for the party. We carried on a nearly hour long conversation that was just as engaging and entertaining as any I've had with adults. She's 11 now. Her sister is 9. I pick them up after school and enjoy our chats still. So glad Calliope is a good conversationalist!

  4. My son loves that parallel bar thing, too. I have no idea why-- looks like torture to me! But what do I know, I'm a grown-up!

  5. When Calliope is lamenting her slowly growing hair, show her Elena's & she'll feel better. We've been waiting forever for it to grow