Friday, August 29, 2014

Tired At Ten Weeks

The  midwife says this is just new fat being laid down in preparation for breastfeeding 
but what does she really know, anyway? It should feels solid to me!

I keep wanting to blog but... pregnancy fatigue has kicked in. Especially after exercise. Which was my saving grace during my first pregnancy. But as a lifelong exerciser, I don't see how I can give it up.

Only, I'm not tired in the evenings. Then, like now (at 11:30 pm), I have my second wind and feel great. Not good enough, mind you, to clean up the apartment, but good enough to play on the computer and watch videos of orcas killing their trainers, and reading FB and even doing a little preschool research. (Ouch, what a crazy scene it is, preschool in Brooklyn! I don't want to be one of those parents but yikes, it's easy to succumb to.)

Calliope and I have been reveling in our one week home all summer.

Last week, after returning from selling my mother's house in MA, we saw the RE and re-packed quickly before heading to Sebago Cabin Camp with fellow SMC Jen and her daughter Luna. Photos from that another time, hopefully. Otherwise I would never hit publish. I'm learning to set the bar really, really low. But we had a great time.

Still, we are both relieved to be home now. I hadn't realized how draining it was be away from home for such a long time.

I've spent the week cleaning out the apartment. We set up new and better storage for our preschool co-op that doesn't uglify my apartment nearly as badly. I moved bins of baby clothes out of my extra bedroom closet and sorted and bagged them up to move to my sister's basement. I arranged my mother's end tables in my living room and gave away the old Ikea end tables to folks on the neighborhood listserve. I sorted through Calliope's clothes and packed up nearly everything with a 2T on it, whether it fit or not, and moved all the hand me down 3T items into her drawers, likewise whether they will fit or not. I settled all the kitchen gear from my mother's kitchen and removed my old duplicative stuff. Amy helped me hang art from my mom's house.

Now all I have left is the final surface decluttering. Daunting but I'm trying to take it bit by bit.

It's hard because I get a little done, and then I have to take care of my current child, or my future child suddenly demands that I lie down and rest right then. Thank goodness I had a whole week to get this done.

Despite all the cleaning, we've had some nice little adventures together. Mostly local playgrounds with sprinklers -- nothing too exciting, but suddenly Calliope is napping nearly every day again. I'm hellbent on wearing this child out. And she loves it. She's mastered the fire pole and is just thrilled with herself.

Next week I go back to work. After some difficult testing of limits from my child -- no doubt stressed by the new home/new school business while living in MA, not to mention being exposed to her unbearably anxious mother (thank you, low betas!) -- we've settled back into a really great groove together. I'll be sad to leave her behind again. Though I suspect that once I'm back at work, I will be glad to be back. Hopefully the fatigue will be manageable.


  1. You look great! Glad to hear you are getting resettled in.

  2. Glad you updated! You do look great.