Monday, October 6, 2014

40th Birthday

I had a perfectly lovely fortieth birthday.

It's hard to believe I'm forty. The beginning of a new decade. I don't feel any older, and being pregnant doesn't exactly jive with my concept of what forty year olds normally do.

I wasn't up for a party this year. What with my mom dying this past May, I'm still not feeling all that celebratory.

So my dear friends Emily and Amy treated me to a prenatal massage, and I enjoyed a lovely lunch by myself beforehand (babysitting by Amy was included with my prenatal massage). The quick stop at the tire store for a patch on my leaky tire was a bit less festive, but not having to bring Calliope along with me but was pretty darn nice.

I arrived at Amy's to find the girls frosting my birthday cake. Or rather, Calliope was gamely trying to help frost the cake while Eleanor had given up on that project and was focused on licking frosting off as many utensils as she could find. I took the girls for a quick trip to the playground so Amy could have a few minutes to recover from their project, then we all headed over to Emily's for my birthday dinner.

Emily had strung up lights and a beautiful homemade banner in my honor. We three friends enjoyed dinner with our three girls before the lovely homemade chocolate cake.

The next day, Calliope and I headed out for an early breakfast together before coming home to have some unstructured time at home. Emily invited Calliope to come play for a while so I even got to work out by myself. It felt very strange to spend so much time at home but I got some things done and even started a beautiful grass fed brisket cooking. We had another dinner with Emily and AB downstairs before bringing the girls back upstairs for a bath together.

Next weekend, Amy is watching Calliope again so another friend can take me out for a super fancy schmancy brunch. In November, my friend is taking me to Spa Castle, a place I have long wanted to visit. And in December, we are going to Mexico with my sister and her family for a combination 40th birthday/babymoon trip. I'm beyond excited. I love travel and it's been years now since I've been anywhere. I'll be six months pregnant by then and no doubt ready for some lounging on the beach. And with two cousins to play with plus all the swimming she could hope for, I think Calliope will have a blast.

Beautiful birthday banner ("Happy 40 Abby") and birthday dinner table

Calliope waited all day long to help blow out the candles. Amy and Eleanor made the cake.
But C was instrumental in helping to frost it and, of course, adding lots of sprinkles
and peanut butter chips.

Showing off her considerable sense of style. Note the new and very sparkly shoes as
weel as the faaaaaabulous sunglasses, enormous matching barrettes, and of course, the
beloved overalls with flowered fleece shirt.

She looks so big!

Since Calliope and I both had our flu shots this week, it was only fair that Baby Jenna
get one as well.
A beautiful birthday lunch. All. By. Myself.
What a treat!
Too bad my belly seems to be shrinking and the soup would have been enough. I enjoyed the leftovers the next day.
Birthday roses from Susie
Birthday roses from a co-worker
Girl on a mission
Two braids without pigtails! Very satisfying. 

Forty years young


  1. Happy happiest 40th birthday! I'm glad it was a good one for you & that your friends spoiled you as you deserve.

  2. Happy happy birthday! It sounds like it was a good one.

  3. Sounds like just the right kind of low-key, celebrate-in-stages birthday you are needing right now. Happy b-day to you! I assume that last picture is of you as a girl, and if so, you and C sure do share a smile :)

  4. Happy birthday & welcome to my decade :)!

  5. Did you have goats a a child? And you can really see how much Calliope resembles you!

  6. Happy Birthday!! it sounds like ti was all lovely and the trip in the future is really something nice to look forward to!

  7. Happy Birthday! I also turned forty while carrying my second child. All the more reason to celebrate, right?!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday. You have some truly amazing friends!

    I felt the same way this year on my birthday just a few weeks after my dad passed. we didn't have a party for myself or our boys this year, just dinners with the remaining grandparents.