Monday, October 20, 2014

Seventeen Weeks

The week of the turnip. Small mountain climber in the background.
Still up the same four and a half pounds.

Steadily growing but the latest friends to hear the news said they wouldn't have guessed.

I'm feeling lots of little flutters now, but they are so mild I'm constantly putting my hand on my belly and questionning whether I really felt something or if it was just in my imagination. Since it's too early to feel anything with my hand, the gesture is pretty futile. Though I think I might have just today felt a little flutter with my hand, too. Or it might just have been my breathing.

I'm looking forward to the kicks being more definitive. Thank goodness for the reassurance that the Doppler brings!

Otherwise, I'm feeling great. Starting to use a pillow under my belly to sleep, and more apt to wake up once to use the bathroom per night. But still, no complaints.

And I've started doing a combination Pilates/Yoga workout DVD which is feeling really good for my hips and back. And makes me feel reassured that I won't feel quite as weak in the weeks and months after the delivery as I did last time. I've continued using the elliptical as well but that doesn't do much for strength.

Anxiously counting the days until I'm halfway done!


  1. You make such a cute pregnant woman! I'm a bit jealous!