Monday, October 20, 2014

It's the Law: You Cannot Be Considered a Good Parent If You Don't Take Your Child to a Pumpkin Patch

I don't remember ever going to a pumpkin patch as a child. I once asked my mother if we could go to a you-pick pumpkin field -- as in, where pumpkins actually grew, as opposed to a field where fresh pumpkins are deposited daily to be collected by children young and old. My mother said no. I think because she thought it was boring and pointless. Which pretty much sums up my parents' attitude towards parenting: bored.

But here I am, determined to do right by my child. To make her feel loved and wanted. Plus, I'm always up for an adventure -- anything to get us out for the day. I can't imagine spending a whole day inside.

So off we went to New Jersey to meet friends at a place that I can only describe as half farm, half entertainment venue. It was enormous, with a million entertainments to thrill a small child (save a carousel, which Calliope blithely assumes will be at every fun destination). So she bounced in the bounce house, crawled the hay pyramide (sort of -- she was too cold and shy to enjoy it much), rode in a wagon towed by a tractor, joined me in a ride on a hay wagon, "picked" a pumpkin, inspected a fire truck (from a distance), rode a pony, and played joyously in a pile of dried corn.

All in all a very successful day, despite it being a bit more brisk and windy than I anticipated.

Photo ops conveniently provided 

Chilly but scenic hay ride to pumpkin patch

What's more fun than digging in dried corn? Apparently not much. Who knew?

A thrilling wagon ride. (Not shown, mother thrilled not to have to ride the ride.)

Is there anything cuter than the way little kids are completely thrilled to wave as they pass by?


  1. Looks like a great one! I'm still looking for a great pumpkin patch (pun intended, lol) around here. The awesome one we found last year closed.

  2. Did they have these places a generation(or two) ago? Never even appeared on my family's radar growing up, but like you, I'm enjoying them now.

  3. I don't remember them existing when I was a kid, but we lived in ND and there wasn't much of anything. Felix and I got a season pass to our local "farm". Sounds a lot like this one, except the pumpkins and corn grow right there and they turn the corn into a giant maze.