Monday, October 6, 2014

Fifteen Weeks

It's crazy how these two photos, taken at the same time, look so different.

I was feeling really big (for fifteen weeks) but then the ladies at the prenatal massage were saying how I'm not showing at all... So now I'm feeling small. Which just goes to show that body image is entirely mental.

And four days ago I was down a pound, back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which seems impossible), and then today, I was up five pounds from that starting weight! I'm guessing I'm retaining some water from eating too many sour jelly beans -- my new favorite -- but still, it defies logic. Especially since I'm starting to get full quickly at meals. I'm not eating that much, I think. Oh well. I'm not worrying, just marveling at the strangeness of it all.

In wonderful news, I felt a distinct tap-tap-tap in my belly on the day that I was exactly fifteen weeks. I haven't felt anything since, but it was a very distinct feeling and I'm pretty confident it was from my Tiny Passenger. Luckily I have a fetal doppler at home so I'm not worrying too much about her. Plus, my stomach definitely has gotten bigger and rounder. It's hard to believe that I am going to get as big, or bigger, as I did last time. I still feel great -- no issues climbing stairs -- but just yesterday it was slightly harder to get up off the floor. I'm not looking forward to that getting a whole lot worse. It's worth it, of course, but it's hard to get excited about not being able to tie my shoes without getting out of breath.


  1. You look wonderful! I'm glad Tiny Passenger is doing well. :-)

  2. Glad your little one is doing great. You are looking great yourself