Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Six: The Troops Roll In, and The End of Exercise?

I debated using my elliptical today, briefly, but the chiro said it can hyperextend my pelvis. Given that our focus is on the pelvis right now, this seems like a bad idea. Also, I am feeling pretty tired these days... but sometimes, not exercising makes me tired... while also giving me insomnia. So I wasn't sure.

But the exhaustion I felt after a short trip to the farmer's market, 99 Cent Store (to buy a beach umbrella, just in case I had the energy to go to the beach this afternoon with a friend... hah!), and health food store (all within a block of each other) pretty much sealed the deal. To be fair, my back was also aching by the time I got home, plus it was so damn hot, but still, I was about ready to cry (again). I haven't actually cried, I've just wanted to.

But in any case, I think my elliptical days are over until after this baby arrives, unless the insomnia really becomes an issue. I talked to S about it, and he officially "gave me permission" to stop working out, and that helped too.

So I'm guess I'm done with formal exercise for the duration! Wow.

I don't know what to think about my back. It felt so much better after the chiro, but carrying groceries, even not that many of them, really made things hurt. And I'm not even tempting fate with the exercise ball -- that would certainly make things worse. I put it behind the elliptical.

My sister arrives tonight. I'm excited to have her here... and am VERY much hoping that she gets to help with more than just assembling a crib, cleaning my tub, and vacuuming my rugs.... praying like crazy that this baby comes soon! My friend just asked about my plans for next week... and my heart sank because I realized, for the first time, that I should be making plans for next week... there is a VERY good possibility that I won't have delivered by then! It's not so much that my due date is next Saturday, it's the thought of how long I've felt ready for her to come. It's sort of surprising that next Saturday is only my due date. I'm still early at this point. Wow.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the biophysical profile and non-stress test reveal tomorrow. I'm not sure what to hope for. OF COURSE I want my girl to be healthy and thriving. But there's a part of me that wouldn't be sad to hear that my fluid levels were just low enough to consider inducing, without being a threat to the baby.

And now, if you excuse me, I am off to pump my (empty) breasts while I write letters to my ten and twelve year old family members who are off at sleepaway camp.

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