Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update from the Midwife

All went swimmingly at my 36 week visit with Catherine (my midwife).

My blood pressure is nice and low at 100/60, and my weight went up a pound. And my uterus is measuring right on target at 36 cm.

She swabbed me from Group B Strep, and took some blood to see if I am responding to the iron supplements.

Apparently the reason I have a very sore spot on my ribs is because my uterus is pushing against it right there. Not earth shattering news, but I guess that means I can't hope for any improvement until after the baby comes?

She is pretty sure the baby won't come in the next two weeks since her head isn't at all engaged in my pelvis. I could actually feel the Lentil's body bob up away from my cervix when Catherine did a pelvic exam to try to confirm the baby's position.

Catherine was only 99% sure the baby was head down, as the head and the tush are apparently exactly the same size. I guess she got that from the donor, because she certainly didn't inherit small hips from me!

(Just kidding. I know newborns have skinny old man hips.)

So I trotted over to the hospital, just a short walk away, for a quick and unofficial ultrasound with the midwife there (a friendly acquaintance). She pronounced my Lentil as definitely head down. It's so nice not having to fill out any paperwork, and be whisked in and out!

Then I went over to see my friend the acupuncturist (we became friendly through my sessions and also running into each other at the RE's office). Poor thing still hasn't had any luck, despite multiple IUI's and then three IVFs. She seems to have a great attitude, though. I felt guilty to be there, so obviously pregnant, but I had emailed her beforehand to ask if she would prefer that I see a different provider, and she said she was looking forward to seeing me. She's considering going to mini IVF; which would mean switching from our amazing RE that we both love. I'm hoping that the next round brings success for her.

I was hungry when I went into acupuncture, but thought I could relax through my session and get something to eat right afterwards. Not so much. I started to feel nauseous and panicky. I tried to talk myself out of it, reasoning that nothing bad could happen to me from low blood sugar. But then I thought, "wait, maybe the reason it makes me feel panicky is because my baby is running out of gas!"

So I had to take off the eye pillow and sit up, and then I was okay, despite sitting in the dark with needles sticking out of me.

Afterwards, just to be safe, I treated myself to the amazing grass fed burger and fries, plus this incredible Bibb lettuce salad with pumpkin seeds and radishes, at nearby Prime Meats. yum. And I only ate half, so now I have dinner taken care of as well!

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  1. Wow, that burger and salad sounds wonderful! It sounds like everything is going well, this is such an exciting and strange time, the weeks right before delivery. Before you know it, you're going to have your little Lentil in your arms!