Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project-Mama-Sleeps-In-Her-Own-Bed: Fail

I was so hopeful. And my bed was so delicious.

But it was not to be.

At 4:30 am, Calliope started to cry. I huddled under the covers. After a few minutes, she quieted.

Until 4:45. When she started to wail.

I hauled my weary self out of bed and went over to the crib and gently patted her back.

She quieted.

I went back to bed.

She wailed again.

I hauled myself back out of bed, and wearily traveled to the living room, carefully arranging the slightly-too-small throw blanket so it just covered my cold toes without leaving an unnecessarily large expanse of uncovered chest.


She slept, then, until 7 am, when I was back in the room, freshly showered and getting dressed and trying to be grateful for the sleep I had.

Which, given that I managed to get to bed on the early side (is it a major undertaking for anyone else? I feel like I spend my entire evening deeply focused on that early bedtime, coaching myself and doing frequent time checks... it consumes an extraordinary amount of energy, really), doesn't feel like anywhere nearly enough. I'm feeling exhausted at work today.

Tonight I think I will force myself to actually unfold the sleeper sofa, and not just sleep on top of the folded up couch. I'm hoping another night or two there and then I can try my bed again.

Surely I'm not going to have to sacrifice my bed forever nor move to a new apartment just to sleep all night?

And for the Blogger questions... a lucky find, I think, though the blocker at work keeps me from fully exploring... trying clicking on the Blogger icon (I think it's just a big "B") in the upper left corner. I think that lets you see your Blogroll.


  1. Well yuck. I hope tonight is better!

  2. Hey Abby,

    I hate to say it, but I have found that when I sleep in the room with Tate (we share a room), when he wakes up in the morning at his usual 5:30 and sees me in there sleeping he's ready to start his day. If however, I've slept in the room downstairs (with the monitor on) I hear/see him wake, stir and stand at the same time of morning, but almost always at least lay back down if not doze back off until 6.

    I rarely sleep in the other room as I've simply gotten used to the early rising every. single. day. But I wonder if when they see us in the room after having fall asleep alone that they think we're there to play etc. I don't know. As is obvious from all my posts, sleep has been our biggest issue. Until I finally gave over to the fact that I simply cannot control it.

    However, you should take all that with a grain of salt possibly since I never did sleep training...there may be other things/ways you could try. But wanted you to know Tate does the same thing when he wakes and sees me :)