Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Nights and Fingers Crossed!

Calliope with kefir on her face (she loves drinking from a glass, but it's messy!) and the power of suggestion for her first word?

Calliope slept nearly twelve hours In. A. Row the last two nights! With no crying, no fussing, no feeding.

Yee haw!

Especially since the second night came after a daytime fever. I was sure we would be thrown off by it, but one dose of Motr.in (so glad she's old enough for it now -- I much prefer it to Ty.lenol since it lasts up to twice as long) and the fever was gone for good.

Mama was booted to the couch like a jilted lover. This was, perhaps, the secret to our success?

But I'm really missing my bed.

I'm tired. And a little sore.

Especially since sleeping in the living room when she had a fever meant multiple trips to the bedroom to check her. Mainly to attempt to monitor her temperature (without waking her) so I could decide by 6 am if I was going to work today. And I was sleep deprived from previous nights of CIO. None of which were all that extensive, but still.

Ultimately I decided to stay home. And of course, she appeared to be the picture of perfect health today. Maybe a little more sneezy than usual, but that was it. Happy, active, talkative.

Oh well! We had a nice day today, after we both had a nice morning nap.

Wish me luck tonight. I can practically feel my bed already. I can't wait!

Fingers crossed that me moving back into the room doesn't screw things up.

PS Blogger has suddenly, drastically changed. Can someone please tell me how to find my feed for blogs that I read. Not the "blogs I follow" list on the home page of my blog that you readers can see. I have another list of blogs that I get to when I log in. Like, I can see it if I click "template." I know this is not the fastest way to find them. Anyway, now I can find the list of what I subscribe to, but it doesn't show the newest posts. And I haven't a clue how to find them. I think this might be a "feed" I'm looking for, but I'm not sure. There are more blogs on this list than there are visible on my blog to all the readers as well as myself. Thank you! Sorry for the bumbled explanation.

PPS Please keep your fingers crossed for B (of the Candlelight and Pacifiers blog) who is out in Colorado at CCRM doing IVF and waiting for her follies to grow. Grow, follies, grow!!! Wishing her a very successful retrieval, fertilization, and transfer!!!


  1. Fingers crossed for 3 nights in a row! I'm glad she's better, poor baby. I hate when they're sick.

    I'm using my iPad while I'm on vacation, so I can't help with the Blogger problem. Let me know what the solution is, please!

  2. I'm not liking the Blogger changes either. I can't seem to navigate my way around properly, and it is much more confusing. Why do they always have to change things that already work properly?

  3. I don't know the answer to your blogger question, but you can go back to the old layout (for now anyway). I can't remember exactly how, but I think it was a drop down menu from a sprocket on the top left hand side of the screen. I did and it helped me tremendously.

  4. Eveyone is mentioning the blogger changes but mine is all the same...I feel left out, lol!

    I hope Calliope stays well! & yeah for the good sleeps!! that is awesome! I remember when Elena finally started sleeping consistantly thru the night, I think I was more sleep deprived since I'd wake up with a jolt thinking something was wrong & having to check she was still breathing!!