Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Year!

Reading up on vaccine literature. 
This photo was obviously taken before the torture began

She grew two inches, up to 28.5 inches, and technically gained nothing. Still 17 pounds, 8 ounces, the same as at her nine month well baby visit.

However, since she was down to 16 pounds, 14 ounces when she was sick, and I can tell her face is filling out, rapidly too, so I think she is finally getting into really eating solids. Sometimes.

I tried a new and incredibly easy way to cook boneless chicken breast tonight, and I added a little wine to the pan after they were done, and then a glug of heavy cream after the wine had reduced and wow... Calliope gobbled it up! She's pretty much avoided meat thus far, though she finally consented to have a few tiny bites (with a similar wine and cream sauce) a few days ago.

She also had corn on the cob (slathered and butter, and normally with salt as well, but I must've packed it away accidentally) and cheese and peaches and, as a special birthday treat, special Junior's cheesecake, brought by Auntie Salt Lick!

She really, really, really didn't want to taste it, and I basically forced her to try it... well, I got very insistent and then she finally opened her mouth willingly. And naturally, completely loved it... and even after she was full, enjoying squishing it through her fingers.

Who knew cheesecake could be so good???

The doctor wants me to give her lots of rich foods, not surprisingly -- pasta and mashed potatoes and oatmeal, all with lots of butter, or nut butter, stirred in. I'm game to give her butter, but I'm not too keen on processed carbohydrates. I may compromise with quinoa and brown rice and mashed or baked sweet potatoes. All with butter added! And salt. I'm definitely not a believer in a low salt diet for healthy folks like us.

We have to go back for a weight check in a month or two.

She received three vaccines and they took five vials of blood. That was not my favorite part of the day. Poor girl. Sort of a rotten way to celebrate one's birthday! Luckily she had a great time celebrating with Auntie Salt Lick (and me) this evening after a restorative nap on the way home from the pediatrician's office.


  1. OMG - FIVE vials of blood? Having gone through many a blood draw with my kids, I can gladly say they have never given five vials! Poor little peanut!
    Hope you starts packing on the pounds! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  2. That is supposed to be hope "she" starts packing on the pounds. Ha--no, I am not hoping that for you, Abby :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Calliope!!! Wow! 5 vials! Is that standard? Elena hasn't had any blood draws since her 1st in the hospital when she was born...

    That chicken sounds awesome! Elena loves chicken but refuses it if its too dry & my Mom has a habit of over cooking it (& all meats) so I'll have to try this way!! With glugs of heavy cream, Calliope will be packing on the pounds soon!!

  4. A very merry birthday to Calliope, and a hearty congratulations to you, Abby, on making it through the first year of motherhood with an incredibly adorable and healthy baby to show for it!

    It sounds like you are being very creative in offering foods that are both good for her and that will help her gain weight.

    Best of luck with the move-in!

    Tara & Millie