Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PSA from Tiara

"One thing you mentioned gave me Calliope puffs, it wasn't the puffs that made me cringe but that you were feeding them to Calliope while driving...the reason this made me uncomfortable is because of a woman I knew while I was a nanny, she was driving with her toddler son & he had a little bowl of cheerios to munch on. In the scariest moment of her life, he started choking...she was on a highway in traffic so it took precious moments to stop & pull over before she could get out of the car, race to his side & unbuckle him from his seat to be able to perform the heimlich...thankfully he was okay but it drove home how dangerous it is for small children to eat while in their car seats. Now I know I'm paranoid about choking & I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an awesome mom so there is no judgement here...I just thought it might be something you hadn't thought of. I know I wouldn't have if I hadn't heard of it 1st hand."

I had never thought of this, and I know many moms give their kids snacks in the car. Not saying I won't do it again, but I think I will not give Calliope a bowl of anything. One puff at a time, as inconvenient as it sounds, is probably safe. Still, a consciousness raiser for all of us. Thanks Tiara!

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  1. I don't give Foxie snacks in the car that reason so we do have to stop one or twice on a long drive if he gets hungry. Luckily, he usually likes to fall asleep when I am driving.