Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feeding Evaluation

Unless things change rapidly in the next few days, I've pretty much decided to take Calliope to the pediatrician over the Christmas break to discuss  her rapidly shrinking diet, and to explore the idea of a feeding evaluation. She is eating only a handful of foods now. Really, peanut butter, crackers, and dry Cheerios are not the mainstays of a healthy diet. (She also eats yogurt with the nanny, though not with me, and occasionally a little cheese. Plus she's still nursing, though not a lot.) The nanny and I keep a notebook with what food she's eating, and we also sometimes record what we have offered. So I think that will be useful.

But basically, the situation is stressing me out, and I need someone else to either tell me, hey, she's fine, don't worry about it, or alternatively, yes, there's a problem, and here's the solution.

I'm not so worried about her weight per se -- though I don't think she's gained any weight in the last month, I also don't think she will starve herself -- but more about the stress of meal times for me, and why it is she won't eat. Why she's lost interest in fruits and vegetables and bread.


  1. Hope you get some reassurance, I can see why you would be worried. If its any help at all, BB changes what he eats all the time and is not a big fan of veggies at the moment. Although he is still big for his age he went for months without gaining any weight too, I think it's just because they are more active now.

  2. This may be a stupid question, but have you tried feeding her while she's doing something else? Dalton won't sit to eat breakfast (cereal) or lunch (jarred baby food) at ALL, but I can usually spoon it into him if he's playing in the floor. I'm not crazy about creating that habit, but I think it's just a stage and he'll grow out of it.

  3. I will also second that Tate went off vegetables rather quickly as well. He gobbled them up until about 17 or 18 months of age. If not for his teachers at daycare he probably would not have had any since then, but he ate them for them every single day. But me...not so much. We do those Happy Tot organic pouches even now...and started a multi vitamin when he was 2, though I stopped that around 2y8m.