Monday, December 17, 2012

Re-Thinking the Evaluation

I called Early Intervention today and they no longer provide services for feeding problems, as they have been redefined as a "medical issue" and not a "developmental" one.

However, the very nice intake person told me that if Calliope qualifies for having a speech delay, the speech therapist is also qualified to teach feeding skills.

The thing is, Calliope doesn't have a speech delay, at least as far as I can tell.

But the pediatrician didn't think that Calliope would qualify even if they did still provide services for feeding issues. But she thought the evaluation would be helpful.

But if the evaluation is for speech, would even that be helpful?

The thing is, the evaluation appointment that I have right now interferes with our scheduled potty training boot camp. Which I am not, well, excited about, but I am definitely psyched up for. The prospect of spending three days largely at home and alone with one's child would normally fill me with dread, so getting psyched up for this is sort of an accomplishment. (To be clear, I love spending time with my child, I just love taking her outside, and also spending time with other people in addition to her.) But Christmas would be boring and lonely no matter what, so why not attempt to knock out potty training while I'm bored at home on Christmas anyway, with no one around to hang out and everything closed?

But then I think it sounds ridiculous to cancel the evaluation because of a silly thing like potty training.

Also, we have a weight check scheduled for December 24th, which my pediatrician suggested when I called, anxious and stressed, about Calliope's lack of eating. But I think she suggested it more for my own reassurance than any sort of medical necessity. My doctor is not one to lose weight over children's failure to gain weight, at least, not at this age group. She said her kids were similar, and eventually, kids grow out of it.

Visiting the pediatrician will not interfere with potty training; it's just inconvenient to get there, and then there's the lengthy wait in the waiting room.



  1. Hey Abby...

    I'm a bit confused about the feeding evaluation. I thought it was scheduled already. I didn't go through EI; I simply had my ped refer me to someone. She ended up being a speech therapist who concentrated on feeding issues. I don't remember, but I suppose I paid for the visit. In fact I know I did. Because I went twice and she did the second visit at no charge and made sure her staff didn't charge me. But I just paid my paid the rest. Would this not work for you as well? Do you have to go through EI? And the weight check...well can you just weigh her at home? I mean I know it won't be exact down to the ounce, but can you get an idea? I weighed Tate all the time here at home and was usually right on target with his weight at the ped. My scale does go to the quarter pound though, so it's fairly accurate (ie 32.4).

    So those are my thoughts :) blow off the weight check and go to the feeding evaluation.

  2. Think you need to do what will provide you the most peace of mind. If the stress of the evaluation, getting there, & interrupting you potty training boot camp out weighs (no pun intended) what you may find out at the eval than I say skip it. But if there's a chance the eval can provide you with some valuable info & advice the. It'd be worth it. Good luck