Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Potty Training Boot Camp: Halfway Through Day Two

What the well dressed potty training hopefuls wear when it's chilly

"This would look amazing with my current ensemble"

If I can just land my tushy on Baby Annie's potty, maybe the
pee will come out!

And... nothing.

She slept very late, until 8:20 am, presumably because of our late night on Christmas Eve.

Woke up soaking wet (and dirty), which had never happened before, literally soaking her PJ's, until the previous night the same thing happened.

But she was in fine spirits, and the rash seemed slightly better after starting the ketonazole (again) last night.

We spent the whooooooole morning oh-so-very-together, sitting on the potty every thirty minutes, plying her with crackers (salty), to make her drink, and apple (wet) to encourage urine production. A lot of the time was actually spent sitting on my lap, for example, whenever she was eating, because I was pretty sure she wouldn't pee on me, but after peeing in the high chair yesterday, I decided to avoid it until she's got this concept down better.

She was such a good sport, and never got impatient with all the time on the potty, and got up good naturedly each time to peer into the potty and ask, "bay?" (pee)

But it was dry. Every. Single. Time.

I wondered if I should put a couple of drops in the potty just so we could have something to celebrate, to remind her why it's so great to pee on the potty... but I thought that would be confusing, since she wouldn't have felt any pee come out of her body.

So I didn't do anything.

And she went back to her crib for a nap more than four hours after I took her diaper off, with never a pee.

I don't know if that's great -- look, she can really hold her pee! and has learned that we don't pee on the floor! -- or bad -- now she doesn't know how to let go and pee when she needs to.

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