Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In The Clear

Thanks for all the lovely expressions of support. It really means a lot to me.

Happily, Calliope's fever never came back! She is presumed healthy. Though I am still watching her like a hawk for falls when we are out and about. I've given back her scooter but I'm nervous about her falling from that and so, I think, is she. She used it for a few minutes yesterday but stayed right next to me, then decided to walk her scooter instead.

Her mood is mostly better. She slept until 10 am yesterday! She's still not eating typical amounts but it has increased significantly. She's still looking very skinny and her eyes still look like they are at half mast sometimes but presumably that will pass.

No idea if the falls are related to the viral prodrome or not so I will have to wait and see.

She used to (mis)quote "Dr Rita" all the time and say things like, "Dr. Rita says I need to have an ice cream from the ice cream truck."

And at our first visit last week, Dr. Rita gave Calliope a new book, and Calliope was shyly thrilled. She barely said anything during the visit, and wanted me to speak for her, but as soon as the doctor left the room, Calliope declared loudly, "I love Dr. Rita."

I heard a muffled laugh down the hall.

But at our next visit, Calliope had to endure the indignity of a throat culture, and at the end of that visit, she announced, "Dr. Rita is not my favorite doctor anymore."

Now she talks about Dr. BRita and the many interesting health recommendations issued by the good doctor.

She also likes to tell me about things that "people" do. My favorite is regarding her black shoes.

"Mommy, people usually call black shoes 'blacks.'"

"Oh, they do?"

"Yes. I'm going to put my blacks on now."

Good to know.

And finally, this goodie from a few weeks ago (shared on Facebook as well).

"Mommy, what are you eating?"
"A soft shell crab."
"Oh. And what are those?" (pointing at crab's body parts.)
"Those are claws."
"Can they hurt you?"
"No, because the crab isn't alive anymore."
"It died?"
"Like Grammy?"
"Um. Well. Yes."
"Its body stopped working?"
"Um. Well. No. Somebody killed it so I could eat it."
"Mommy! That's not nice!"

I'm praying she doesn't become a vegetarian.


  1. So glad to hear Calliope is doing well! She sounds like quite the character, so precious!! Elena & I had a similar conversation about chicken & now she refuses to eat it. Hopefully she doesn't ask where hamburgers come from!!

  2. So happy to hear she is feeling better. The death comments get me every time with the boys. 4 has been such an interesting age so far, the detailed explanations needed by them blow my mind sometimes.

  3. HA!! I am glad she is felling better! And I love the comments! I get similar things from Elsie now. She speaks gibberish to me and then tells me it is Spanish. :)