Friday, June 19, 2015

Photo Dump Friday: The First Days of Amelie

Look at all that hair! (It mostly fell out.)

Baby was looking a little yellow so I took the liberty of sunning her in her little self through
the hospital window. Worked out great -- her bilirubin was totally fine. Probably would have
been, anyway, but my former NICU nurse days made me worry a little.
(Sigh, I miss the hospital!)

Ride home from the hospital. My cousin was worried the baby would be cold and insisted
I bundle her up. 

Taking a snooze on Mommy's bed -- first day home?

First day home: checking out the bouncy seat.

Sisters snuggle with Aunt J

First snooze in the miraculous Rock n Play

First snooze in the Baby K'Tan -- all that blood loss left me rather pale! But it was so much
better than last time so I'm not complaining!
Look at her amazing hair whorl!
All wrapped up at the hospital (day one of life)

Meeting her aunt J. for the first time

Surveying the scene from her hospital bassinet

The note I wrote to Calliope when my water broke (at 11 pm). In case I didn't see her before leaving for the hospital (though I ended up being able to bid her a very brief goodbye during the all too short break between contractions that were coming about every three minutes).
We had been talking for months about how the baby would come when it was spring. Whenever we saw blooming flowers and trees with new leaves, she would eagerly ask, "Is our baby coming?" So it was a beautiful coincidence that "Tree Leaf" came on the actual first day of spring (and ironic that it snowed). 

First photo of Amelie.
Shell shocked but happy. Mostly that it was over. 

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