Monday, June 15, 2015

Twelve Weeks of Amelie

Traveling incognito!
On her way to get her first passport. No plans to go anywhere... but you never know!
First time in the umbrella stroller! Still a bit floppy for it... but growing every day!

Amelie's new favorite pasttime is sucking on her fist. Noisily.

After we nurse in the morning, she lies next to me in bed and "plays" -- ie kicking her legs, cooing, and sucking her fist. It's gotten to where the slurping is too loud for me to doze through.

Then she squawks, I swaddle her up, and plunk her back into the RNP. She goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours and I get to sleep another thirty minutes or so before starting my day with Calliope.

Amelie is also "talking" more and more. This girl has a lot to say already. She's very, very focused on communication... and I look forward to some day understanding what's on her mind. For the moment, I can at least understand very easily her needs to eat and sleep. The rest is a mystery.

With Leo, his future nanny share buddy. At, per Calliope's request, a Shabbat picnic in Leo's backyard.
Calliope had a fabulous time playing with Auntie Salt Lick. 
And insisted on holding her baby for this photo.
Who is dressed as a marshmallow in 17 year old hand me down Baby Dior. 

Sweet snuggles

She's rounder and more delicious every day!

As far as Calliope, she's got a million funny things to say, but as my postpartum brain mostly acts as a sieve, I can't remember too much.

From tonight, though: she came out of her room an hour after bedtime to ask what time I was getting up. And what time she was getting up. Then informed me that she would be getting up at 6:30.

All well and good, except that a) there's no clock in her room, and b) she can't tell time anyway!

And a few minutes later, loud sobs from her room. Wailing that sounded pretty fake. I waited a couple of minutes then went to investigate.

"Calliope, what's up?"

"My foot is broken! My foot is broken!"

"What do you mean?"

"My blister!!!"

"Oh, you mean your blister popped?"

"Yes, my blister is broken!!!"

"Okay, would you like a bandaid?"


Pause as I apply a bandaid.

Then in a totally normal voice, "Mommy, would you like to see how I put on bandaids?"

"Good night Calliope."

Less cute but... Calliope was officially accepted into a publicly funded preK program this week! Unless I attempt to pull some major strings at the public school where I work (where siblings, who get first priority, outnumber PreK spots), Calliope will be attending PreK at a private preschool (who has a contract with the Department of Education as part of the new UPK programming in NY state) only five blocks from our home.

I can't believe it's the beginning of her expected fourteen years with the NYC Department of Education! My baby!

Two generations of nanny share


  1. I'm curious about your nanny share situation... I live in rural Georgia but my brother lives in Manhattan and just got married. They plan to have babies as soon as they can. It's taken us ten years to get used to him living in a big city but babies in NY is a foreign concept to me!

  2. I'm curious about the nanny share as well. I'm newly pregnant (10 weeks) and am wondering if that's a good option for me when I return to work. If you can find time in your busy days to email me the basics I would be so grateful sabrinaneeb@ outlook . Com. How you share costs, holidays, etc.

    Now onto how great life looks! I'm a mom to two girls already and your pictures and updates bring back such sweet memories of the early years (they are 15&17). Love love it :)

  3. Congrats on the Pre-K spot!! Elsie got one all the way downtown - so about a 45 minute commute. If I factor in having to pay someone to take and pick her up and watch her til I get home, it is the same $ as the current daycare. Anyway, I am glad it worked for someone!!