Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three Months/Thirteen Weeks

Amelie is measuring 23 inches (20%) and weighing in at 11 pounds, 2 ounces (10%). I'm shocked she's still only 10% for weight because she's such a little round dumpling of a girl.

I've been telling Calliope how babies are supposed to be chubby, so no doubt she thought she was complimenting me last night when she said, "Mommy, your thighs are chubby just like Amelie's!"

Aww, thanks, my love.

Amelie's "talking" more and more, and is more and more smiley. She is rolling onto her side, and once I discovered she had rolled onto her stomach on Calliope's bed. Inadvertently, though, so I'm not counting it. But the pediatrician told me she was impressed with Amelie's strength when she pulled her to sitting and when she put her on her stomach. Of course, I was immediately both glowing with pride and suspicious that she was only telling me that because we are friendly and she wanted to make me happy.

And Calliope and Amelie continue to do well. Amelie is fascinated by her big sister. And Calliope likes to "show" Amelie things. I am responsible for the Voice of Amelie, and for answering all of Calliope's questions for Amelie and being impressed by everything that Calliope does. That silly baby pretend-eats all sorts of things she shouldn't.

Family Bath is a new discovery. Calliope is thrilled to have Mommy in the tub and Amelie adores bathtime -- she churns her chubby little legs madly, and doesn't mind company. Best of all, I can nurse Amelie in the bed -- a nice little time saver as Calliope combs my hair. I was a little alarmed when she said, "I see a bug. But that's okay, Mommy, we don't mind." But a moment later she added, "Remember when we saw the Daddy Baboon looking for bugs on the Baby Baboon at the zoo?" and I relaxed.

Amelie stayed awake long enough to have Family Reading Time on Calliope's bed. 

She's such a happy girl, especially when I don't interfere with her nap schedule too much. But even when we are out and about all day, she rarely complains. Yesterday she was crying lustily in the stroller, after a long day on the go and after vaccines to boot, and I felt terrible that I couldn't put her to bed any sooner... but it turned out that the problem was just a dirty diaper. Once that problem was solved, she was all smiles again. I feel so lucky to have such a happy go lucky girl.

Snuggles with SMC Talia and son Rian at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.
Amelie, unfortunately, no longer naps for long in the stroller. Luckily, she's a good sport anyway.

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  1. My niece once proudly called herself a "fatty" after eating two hot dogs, because we had been proudly calling her baby brother the same. :) Your girls are so cute. Love the pics!