Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Better

Just a quickie to say that after a low and slightly scary dip into the seriously bad mood ranges yesterday and Sunday, I'm feeling more perky and normal again.

And no nap again today!!!

<< Nods head graciously >>

You can call me superwoman, if you want to.

In other words, my belly "popped" last night. For the uninitiated, like my friend Salt Lick, who had no clue what this meant, or for others vague on the terminology, like my sister, who thought this meant my belly button had popped out (seriously??? at 15 weeks???), this means that I officially have a belly. Like, that shows through my shirt. Granted, the belly is not shouting to the rooftops... it's more murmuring at the sidelines. But still.

I've attached a photo from last night, when I thought I was just bloated from the leftover french fries I ate when I was in the seriously bad mood. But bloat would be gone by now, right?

(Please feel free to tell me that this is a normal amount of stomach to have. I'm a little paranoid and it's scary to put up half naked, completely unsexy pictures of oneself. Even if it does show off the fabulous new bra, likewise unsexy... in all but how it feels on my body.)

Oh, and may I just add... I get sooooo excited to see I have followers! Five of them, now! Yay! I know of at least one other reader. You have no idea the thrills this gives me! A total sense of self-importance!

xoxoxo (seriously!)

PS Oh, the job scare? Over. Two days later the governor promised the hospital the funds "we" had been granted by the last governor. So no year long maternity leave it seems to me... but no crazy money freakouts, living in cardboard boxes, or worse, moving in with my mother. So, yay.

PPS Has it ever been helpful for one's mother to point out the following, "You know, the more weight you put on in pregnancy, the more you have to take off later?" If yes, please forward me the pertinent examples so that I may feel slightly more virtuous for not making a snarky response to my mother.


  1. Good news on the job front!!


  2. Love your bump!

    I've been following you & catching up on your older posts but hadn't commented until now.

    Glad to hear all is well on the job front!