Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome home

I've returned home to Brooklyn, where it is relatively warm and absolutely sunny, and best of all, totally snow-less!

It was wonderful to be gone for the week... extended by a day when we got an unexpected foot or so of snow yesterday... but it's also really nice not to see any snow.

I loved spending time with my sister and nieces (and brother in law, to a lesser extent -- he wasn't around much). My nieces don't get as jacked up to see me as they used to, and they aren't snuggly any more... but it's just a warm, cozy feeling we all get, being together. I helped my sister do a little cleaning of her "office" (read: dumping ground) and we went through some baby clothes and equipment she's been saving. Yesterday we all went sledding, which was fun, though surprisingly hard work with the snow being so very deep on the hillside. And last night the girls got to show me their very favorite movie, which I have never, ever seen... The Sound of Music. The six year old crooning along in my ear, slightly off-key and not always on target with the words... that was the funniest part. But we all got under the covers in my pullout couch bed, and that was very sweet... they clearly loved that.

I've included some pics of my belly, which seems to have suddenly grown again. You can see from the one where my shirt covers my stomach that it's still not totally obvious yet. Just suspicious looking. And of course I am not walking around these days with my shirts tucked in.

Last night I dreamed I was back at the office of my Reproductive Endocrinologist (aka Fertility Doctor) and his office staff were saying, nope, it's not because of pregnancy, you're just fat.

I also dreamed that I had all sorts of old clothes, dresses and things, stashed in his office, and was gathering them up to bring them home. I really must get over this weird relationship he and I have in my dream life.

The last couple of days, it's suddenly really uncomfortable to lie on my stomach. I thought the belly would be what forced me to give up my beloved prone sleeping position. But no, I'm scared it's the boobs that are saying, nah, it's us, and it's now.

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  1. The growth is crazy, isn't it? Just wait until you're "out" about your pregnancy, and then everyone can feel free to comment on how big you're getting! LOL If I hear one more person say, "Are you sure there's just one in there?" I'm going to scream, especially since I've only gained about 10 pounds. :)

    You look great, btw!