Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Whispered?

My friend Catherine mentioned that she was reading The Baby. Whisperer. I shared this with my mom, who suggested that rather than waiting to borrow it from Catherine, I should just download it onto my Kindle.

I started reading it a couple of days ago. Her writing style is fairly annoying, however, it's an interesting read. Very common sense, especially the idea that a baby would want some idea of what to expect in her schedule. I'm following her suggestion (I think it's hers, but I've read so many things lately, I could be wrong) of writing down what Calliope's schedule thus far... starting at 11 am today.

Very interesting!

She went exactly three hours between feedings.

And as a result of the book, I did not offer the boob when Calliope got cranky (after her feeding and "activity" time), but instead just swaddled her and rocked her for a couple of minutes, then popped her into the bassinet, swaddled, stuck the pacifier in her mouth, and turned on the Sleep.Sheep.

Voila! She fell asleep! By herself!

And when her pacifier fell out, as it always does, she only partially woke up, squawked a couple of times, and went back to sleep!

She's done this TWICE now!

I wouldn't say it's a miracle just yet, but I'm feeling cautiously optimistic!

Also, ever so much saner for having time to do things like the dishes.

Of course, stupid mommy that I am, I took a picture to document her progress. And woke her up. Not from the picture.


But because the picture didn't look good without the flash. So then I tried a couple more with the flash.

That did the trick.


I stuck the pacifier back in her mouth and turned the Sleep.Sheap back on, and turned on all the fans for white noise, and have my fingers crossed. Wish me luck.

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  1. But of course you had to get that photo! I can't blame you. Hopefully the advice, however annoyingly delivered, helps you and Calliope. I'm not there yet but I do worry about how I'm going to have time to get anything normal done around the house let alone extras. Hopefully I'll find some tricks that work with my little guy and his personality so I can stay sane! But it doesn't mean I won't take tons of photos even with the flash. ;-)