Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank My Lucky Stars

It feels so good to stretch!

This is one of those expressions you see in old timey books but I have never, ever heard used in more contemporary settings, like, for example, in actual conversation.

Anyway, the reason I am thanking my lucky stars is.... drum roll please...

Calliope has slept six consecutive hours for the last two nights in a row!!! At only six weeks of age!

And slept 5 and a half hour stretches the two previous nights!!!

So I am very cautiously optimistic that this is not a fluke.

I'm obviously thrilled.

I wonder if the Baby.Whisperer teaching me how to recognize her sleepy signals and get her down sooner helped? Like, in the whole sleep-begets-more-sleep thing, she's better rested so more able to sleep longer?

She's also been working on getting her left hand to her mouth with moderate success. When it gets there successfully, she sucks on it and smacks her lips with gusto.

When it doesn't get there and she's getting tired on the floor, she wails. It's slightly heartbreaking.

Sometimes I cheat and help her, and we talk about that naughty hand and why it won't behave.

I am going to visit a daycare today that was recommended by a parent from the local listserve. Only $175 a week! In New York City! Amazing.

Fist sucking is deeply satisfying (when it works)!

The one time (except for age one day) she got just her thumb in her mouth


  1. She's getting so big! Sure wish we lived in the same city and Calliope and Carys could be little friends. That daycare sounds promising - I hope it works out.

  2. So glad to hear that she is sleeping better. Sleep is not overrated!! I love the little thumb sucking pic. Tot would never take to a paci, but he has sucked his thumb since 7 weeks old.

  3. Calliope is so beautiful! I hope she keeps sleeping for you!